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Based in Bellefonte, PA

“Science not communicated is science not done.”


Changing the world, one presentation at a time.

Melissa Marshall is on a mission: to transform how scientists present their work. That’s because she believes that even the best science is destined to remain undiscovered unless it’s presented in a clear and compelling way that sparks innovation and drives adoption.

For almost a decade, she’s traveled around the world to work with Fortune 100 corporations, institutions and universities, teaching the proven strategies she’s mastered through her consulting work and during her time as a faculty member in Communication Arts & Sciences at Penn State University.

When your scientists work with Melissa, they’ll get the practical skills and natural confidence they need to immediately shift their “information dump”-style presentations into ones that are meaningful, engaging, and inspire people to take action. And the benefits go far beyond any single presentation; working with Melissa, your entire organization will develop a culture of successful communication, one that will help you launch products and ideas more effectively than ever before.

Melissa is also a dynamic speaker who has lectured at Harvard Medical School, NASA, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If your group needs a powerful keynote address, you’ll find that Melissa practices what she preaches—her talks are lively, practical and transformational. For a sneak peek, check out her TED talk, “Talk Nerdy to Me.” It’s been watched by more than 2 million people (and counting).