What they have to say about Melissa


    We began with Melissa’s training with our leadership team and have extended it to our entire program. Melissa’s experience with scientific presentations resonated with our organization. She quickly achieved credibility. Her practical tips were described by one of our scientists as “a life changing experience”! Our program’s presentations are achieving more clarity in the messages we convey.

    Earl Burkybile
    Strategy and Operations Lead, Yield Traits

    Melissa offers a practical cialisfrance24.com approach for creating effective PowerPoint presentations for scientists. The audience excitement that she generates by offering clear “how-to” methods cause course participants to open their own presentations in the middle of her lecture to begin applying her suggestions. Her presentation is so polished, thoughtful, warm, and highly practical that it is no surprise she consistently receives the highest presenter ratings in any of our courses in which she speaks. If you want a guaranteed success, with rave reviews, hire Melissa.

    Cynthia Fiducia EdD.
    Director of Education Programs in Clinical and Translational Science
    Harvard Medical School

    I’ve been surprised at my level of success as a result of Melissa’s training. I went from bombing my first presentation to speaking for a crowd of 15,000. This would not have been possible without Melissa.  Melissa is very approachable and practical with her style. As an engineer, it was difficult to be comfortable speaking to a crowd. Melissa made me feel comfortable sharing my ideas and ensuring the audience was engaged. The things I learned from Melissa have been invaluable. I can honestly say that I would not be as far along in my career without her guidance.

    Joshua Lavra
    Program Manager
    Air Liquide

    Melissa teaches you to take ownership of your content, so while training you to be a better speaker, she also gives you confidence in your work. Melissa taught me that every word and image that you display matters. Melissa’s training has helped me and my colleagues present our research with much more clarity, and I think we reach a bigger audience that way.

    Genevieve Brown
    PhD Candidate, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow
    Columbia University